Innovation Partnerships

Streamline target identification & secure PoC

NOVADISCOVERY helps its partners identify and/or validate new therapeutic targets and biomarkers, as well as support program progression decisions. 

Focus: exploring immunotherapeutic combinations in oncology

With 30 different targets active in 14 cancer types, there are more than 6 000 potential combination pairs which could be explored in clinic. NOVADISCOVERY partners with drug researchers to sort these potential candidates on a systematic basis in order to kill fast or identify promising avenues before a single dollar is spent in clinical development.

The immune-oncology landscape as of Feb-16
The immune-oncology landscape as of Feb-16

Focus: predict graft rejection risk for lung transplant recipients

As a partner of the SysCLAD consortium, an EU-funded FP7 project, NOVADISCOVERY has discovered a set of new biomarkers to predict graft rejection risk for lung transplant recipients. The disease model developed in the context of this project will be applied in the larger COPD space (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases) to help identify new targets.

Focus: predict patient response to a treatment based on a tumor’s molecular profile

As a partner of the PREDICTIV consortium, an EU-funded EUROSTARS project, NOVADISCOVERY is developing a precision-medicine algorithm to predict patient response in a number of cancer types. Elsevier Clinical Solutions will embed this predictive model into its suite of decision-support software solutions.  

Our partners 

Centre Leon Berard

The Centre Leon Berard is one of the largest French cancer research centers, member of UNICANCER (an umbrella group which pools all French cancer centres) and the French Federation of Cancer Centres.

This group brings together 20 French hospitals catering specifically for cancer patients. Recognised for its expertise as a cancer referral and treatment facility, the Centre Léon Bérard has masterminded countless innovations from patient care to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The CLB is able to offer a comprehensive range of care for all cancer patients by pooling the required skills on a single site for all stages of the disease. Specialised in oncology, it grants patients access to the most innovative diagnosis and treatment.

As such, the CLB is one of the three largest French centres to sponsor clinical trials on cancer, with more than 200 open-label trial protocols and over 900 patients benefiting from one of these trials every year.

 Centre d'Immunologie Marseille-Luminy From worm to man, from molecules to the whole organism, from physiology to pathology the CIML addresses all areas of contemporary immunology, on many models and at various scales. These include the genesis of numerous cell populations, their modes of differentiation and activation, their implication in cancers, infectious and inflammatory diseases, and the mechanisms of cell death.
Cancer Core Europe

Cancer Core Europe is the largest European translational platform in cancer bridging "bench-to-bedside and bedside-to-bench" by conducting next-generation clinical trials focused on proof-of-concept, companion predictive and resistance monitoring biomarkers.

The CCE brings together: Institut Gustave Roussy (Villejuif – France), Cambridge Cancer Centre (Cambridge, United Kingdom), Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden), Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (Barcelona, Spain) and the German Cancer Research Center – DKFZ and its National Center for Tumor Diseases – NCT (Heidelberg, Germany)

The consortium in numbers, per annum: 60.000 newly diagnosed cancer patients, 300.000 cancer treatments delivered, 1.500 clinical trials and about 1.000.000 outpatient visits.

European Institute for Systems Biology & Medicine

EISBM aims at fostering the development of systems approaches to fundamental biological questions and their application to important medical problems.

EISBM is the European cornerstone of the Systemoscope Consortium, dedicated to systems biology and medicine and founded in 2002 by Dr Charles Auffray, Prof. Zhu Chen (Center for Systems Biomedicine – Shanghai, China) and Prof. Leroy Hood (Institute for Systems Biology – Seattle, USA).

Elsevier Clinical Solutions Elsevier offers solutions that address the needs of care providers and patients. Elsevier works with healthcare organizations to incorporate trusted content into clinical workflows, optimize IT investments and collaborate with clinical and revenue cycle teams to ensure they have the skills, best practices and competencies necessary to maintain consistent top performance and reduce variability in care delivery.
MabDesign MabDesign is a membership organization dedicated to the creation of a unique environment that allows the economic development and growth of the French industrial sector in the field of therapeutic antibody and immunotherapy.