We’re constantly on the hunt for the most talented individuals in our industry

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If you have a knack for the development of mathematical and computational models of biological systems or if you are a genius developer with a keen interest in working on a state-of-the-art platform, read and apply.

Culture attributes

Our people are our greatest asset. We evaluate each applicant’s fit with Nova on the basis of the following attributes:

Integrity: our clients work to improve patients’ lives. We are committed to doing the right thing for the institutions we serve.

Emergent leadership: we don’t care about titles or seniority, we expect each member of our team to act like an owner, not like an employee. A typical illustration is: “I’ve identified a problem, figured out what caused it, researched how to fix it, and I fixed it.”

Comfort with ambiguity: human biology is eminently complex so more often than not you will be faced with a problem which does not have a clear cut solution.

Intellectual humility: while we hire the brightest minds we also ensure these individuals operate as part of a team. It’s a matter of “we”, not “I”. And it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Profiles & positions

We hire engineers with a solid understanding of biology to develop mathematical and computational models of biological systems (Modeling & Simulation group). We hire developers to build the best modeling & simulation platform in our industry (Technology group). Check our WISE engine for a sneak peek. We also hire people who eat maths for breakfast but do not know much about biology to work at the interface between our M&S and Technology groups.


You will go through a thorough recruitment process if you are selected as a potential candidate, and we’re mindful of your time, so don’t bother with a cover letter as most of them look alike and those who stand out are poor predictors of actual performance on the job.

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