• Marketing

    Global Marketing Manager

    As Global Marketing Manager, reporting to the SVP Sales and Marketing, you function as the global NOVA subject matter expert. This is a highly visible and impactful role requiring the Global Marketing Manager to support collaboration between the sales team, functional teams, regions to ensure seamless implementation of customer-specific marketing strategies.

  • Business Development

    Business Development Director - Germany

    As Director of Business Development, reporting to the SVP Sales and Marketing, you work in strong collaborations with our bio-modelers, developers and other sales&marketing team members. This is a highly consultative selling role requiring the Director of Business Development to uncover customer needs through a deep understanding of their corporate, program-specific, and personal goals and design a customizable solution.

  • Biomodeling


    Join our team of biologists, doctors, clinicians, mathematicians and computer scientists to help develop multiscale mechanistic models in various fields such as oncology, cardiology, immune disorder, viral infections or metabolic diseases.

  • Computer Science


    You will be involved in the design and architecture decision process of an ambitious scientific SaaS project using NodeJS, TypeScript and GraphQL technologies. You are curious about science and eager to learn new matters.

  • Computer Science

    Frontend VueJS Developer

    You will be involved in the design and architecture decision process of an ambitious scientific SaaS project. You will build the web components of our SaaS application frontend along with UX and web design experts.


careers Profiles & positions

We hire engineers

… with a solid understanding of biology to develop mathematical and computational models of biological systems (Modeling & Simulation group).

We hire developers

… to build Jinkō, the best modeling & simulation platform in our industry (Technology group).

We also hire people who eat maths for breakfast but do not know much about biology to work at the interface between our M&S and Technology groups.

Culture attributes

Our people are our greatest asset. We evaluate each applicant’s fit with nova on the basis of the following attributes:

  • Integrity

    Our clients work to solve complex problems and discover innovative medicines. We are committed to doing what is right for the patients they serve.

  • Emergent leadership

    We don’t care about titles or seniority, we expect each member of our team to act like an owner, not like an employee. A typical illustration is: “I’ve identified a problem, figured out what caused it, researched how to fix it, and I fixed it.”

  • Comfort with ambiguity

    Human biology is eminently complex so more often than not you will be faced with a problem which does not have a clear cut solution.

  • Intellectual humility

    While we hire the brightest minds we also ensure these individuals operate as part of a team. It’s a matter of “we”, not “I”. And it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Join us full time

You will go through a thorough recruitment process if you are selected as a potential candidate, and we’re mindful of your time, so don’t bother with a cover letter as most of them look alike and those who stand out are poor predictors of actual performance on the job.

Join us for an internship

Want to discover nova from the inside? There is no better way than starting with an internship to find out if there is a mutual fit. We are looking for talented grad students in the fields of applied mathematics, computer science or life science technologies.

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