• Claire Couty
    Claire Couty
    Biomodeler at NOVA since April 2019

    What I like in my work at NOVA is the always benevolent atmosphere where everyone is always ready to share and to help. Evolving in a multidisciplinary team gives rise to interesting scientific discussions. What I like is trying to capture the inextricability of human physiology in mathematical equations and be able to reproduce such dynamics. Also, trying to improve clinical R&D to get drugs to market faster motivates me a lot. Team spirit is all about work but it goes much further and we often spend time together after work.

  • Eliott Tixier
    Eliott Tixier
    Scientific Programmer at NOVA since January 2018

    I joined NOVA three years ago to apply mathematics and computer science to biology and make a difference in the health industry. My experience has been beyond expectations. I have learnt to use cutting-edge technology to design safe, performant and elegant software and we are innovating every day to bring the best in silico clinical trial platform to market. The team is this incredible party of talented, fun and enthusiastic people that makes everyday work exciting.

  • Louis Philippe
    Louis Philippe
    Scientific Software Engineer at NOVA since January 2020

    NOVA is a great place to work as a junior software developer. I have been able to learn new technologies rapidly, helped by strongly motivated and experienced colleagues. Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, with direct exposure and interactions with biologists and clinicians, has been a really exciting challenge!

  • François Lapresle
    Financial Controller at NOVA since August 2020

    If I have to use one word to describe my NOVA experience, I would choose, "kindness." In fact, since my first day at NOVA, each member of the team has helped me integrate into the NOVA family seamlessly. Being a part of NOVA is also a deep dive into an exciting and fast paced business.

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  • Eulalie Courcelles
    Biomodeler at NOVA since August 2020

    A biomodeler at NOVA stands in the border between the beauty of a biological system, the rigour and simplicity of a well made mathematical equation and the power of informatics tools such as JINKO. I enjoy tackling these challenges with such a great team!

NOVA little extras


Dynamic in a caring environment

You will work with strongly motivated people who will help you navigate a steep learning curve, in a benevolent atmosphere.

Multidisciplinary background

We are a team of 50 people with expertise in biology, applied mathematics and computer science.

Multicultural team

At NOVA, we speak English, Italian, Arabic, Russian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and even a little bit of French.

Friendly atmosphere

Work hard - play hard, we love spending down time as a team. Be it a game of tarot during breaks, running at lunchtime or cold drinks after work, you will always find motivated colleagues to tag along!

careers Profiles & positions

We hire engineers

… with a solid understanding of biology to develop mathematical and computational models of biological systems (Modeling & Simulation group).

We hire developers

… to build JINKO, the best modeling & simulation platform in our industry (Technology group).

We also hire people who eat maths for breakfast but do not know much about biology to work at the interface between our M&S and Technology groups.

Our values

Our people are our greatest asset. We evaluate each applicant’s fit with NOVA on the basis of the following values:

  • Integrity

    Our clients work to solve complex problems and discover innovative medicines. We are committed to doing what is right for the patients they serve.

  • Emergent leadership

    We don’t care about titles or seniority, we expect each member of our team to act like an owner, not like an employee. A typical illustration is: “I’ve identified a problem, figured out what caused it, researched how to fix it, and I fixed it.”

  • Comfort with ambiguity

    Human biology is eminently complex so more often than not you will be faced with a problem that does not have a clear cut solution.

  • Intellectual humility

    While we hire the brightest minds we also ensure these individuals operate as part of a team. It’s a matter of “we”, not “I”. And it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Recruitment timeline


You apply on NOVA website

You will be contacted within one week after screening of your profile.


Up to three interviews with team members from different Business Units

Those interviews will cover a variety of topics in order to evaluate your technical and communication skills as well as your teamwork experience. It will also give you the opportunity to ask everything you want to know about NOVA.


You meet the team for a series of final interviews and informal meetings

When reasonably practical we will invite you to join us for half a day to a full day onsite in our Lyon headquarter’s office so you can appreciate what a day in the life at NOVA looks like.


We contact your references for a background check

Not mandatory, but might happen if you apply to senior positions.


You receive our feedback and a job offer in case of positive feedback

The job offer is based on your profile and your experience. The contract is sent once the offer is accepted in principle.


Preparing your arrival

Your manager will contact you to agree on a start date and help you get your accounts and material set-up with our tech team.


Your first day at NOVA and your onboarding program starts

Welcome to NOVA! Now get ready for action with a first week of intensive and immersive training conducted by your new colleagues.

Recruitement timeline

Join us full time

You will go through a thorough recruitment process if you are selected as a potential candidate, and we’re mindful of your time, so don’t bother with a cover letter as most of them look alike and those who stand out are poor predictors of actual performance on the job.

You want to apply for a Computer Science and Modeling full time job or internship ?

Join us for an internship

Want to discover NOVA from the inside? There is no better way than starting with an internship to find out if there is a mutual fit. We are looking for talented grad students in the fields of applied mathematics, computer science or life science technologies.

You want to apply for a Sales & Marketing and Administrative full time job or internship?

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