The company

Nova specializes in numerical modeling and simulation of clinical trials for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, academic research centers and non profit organizations. We help our clients unleash the potential of combining math, computer science and biology to reduce the risks associated with R&D of new treatments for the benefit of patients.

Through a collaborative work of our team of biologists, doctors, clinicians, mathematicians and computer scientists we develop multiscale mechanistic models in various fields such as oncology, cardiology, immune disorder, viral infections or metabolic diseases.

Your are…

  • A team player, a good listener, and an effective communicator
    Join a growing multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic innovators such as biologists, data scientists, applied math engineers and developers.
  • Curious and proactive with a solid grounding in biology and/or mathematical modeling
    Particularly in cell biology, molecular biology, and omics, to address real-life clinical issues.
  • Eager to learn and use mathematical methods for the modeling of biological systems
    Simulate virtual diseases and treatments with ODE, PDE, Monte-Carlo Simulations
  • Willing to explore and exploit large datasets and virtual populations
    Apply machine learning, statistical analysis, and outliers detection
  • Autonomous and self-motivated with strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    Find innovative solutions to science and engineering problems
  • Responsive and capable of facing time-sensitive challenges
    Project management with client-facing opportunities are awaiting you


  • Contribute actively to the creation of in silico pathophysiological models by
    • Conducting literature reviews on the biological system to model
    • Creating computational models (CM) of biological systems
    • Calibrating and Validating your CM based on extracted knowledge and data
    • Integrating your CM with others to build a complete model of the disease of interest
  • Run and analyze large simulation results to answer the client’s questions
  • Communicate your results in scientific reports and presentations
  • Impact the development of the company’s simulation platform
  • Participate in weekly and monthly project meetings and reporting


An engineer’s degree or equivalent with:

  • Mathematical / systems biology background
  • Knowledge in biology, biochemistry and/or pharmaceutical sciences
  • Minimal scientific programming experience (the language does not matter)
  • A professional English level (written and oral)

As a bonus:

  • Experience in mechanistic modeling (systems biology, PB-PKPD)
  • Experience in modelling techniques (ODEs, PDEs, DDEs, Agent-based)
  • Knowledge of clinical trials and drug development


We are looking for someone who knows most of the following technologies or is eager to learn/work with them:

  • Unix environment
  • Programming languages (Haskell, Python, R)
  • Markup languages (Markdown, LaTeX)
  • Miscellaneous (Git, bash)

Location :

Lyon, France (Nova Headquarters)

Type :

Internship or full-time job

Starting date :