The company

Nova specializes in numerical modeling and simulation of clinical trials for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, academic research centers and non profit organizations. We help our clients unleash the potential of combining math, computer science and biology to reduce the risks associated with R&D of new treatments for the benefit of patients.

Our tech stack

  • Cloud-based infrastructure: Kubernetes, AWS, Nix, Ansible, Pulumi, GitLab, Docker
  • Applications: Haskell, Bazel, Nix, NodeJS /Typescript, Vue.js

Your profile, mission and main responsibilities

We are leveraging Nix’s powerful approach on our software development lifecycle and we’re looking for a Nix expert to help us generalize Nix usage within the company. You also have a strong interest in DevOps and aim to gain expertise and skills. You will join our growing DevOps team so we can learn from each other!

You are eager to work with a team of innovation enthusiasts in various fields of expertise: beside DevOps experts, you will also work along with Nix experts, developers, biologists, data scientists and applied math engineers.

Overall, you’ll take ownership and lead Nix transformation of Nova’s applications and infrastructures:

  • Lead Nix integration on our Production CI, developer environments and workstations
  • Provision and manage machines and infrastructures with Nix, both in the Cloud and on-premise
  • Joining our Nix experts at Nova, you’ll evangelize and spread Nix culture
  • Identify Nix usage providing value on our infrastructure and applications and design Nix solutions
  • You’ll help manage, design and maintain both infrastructure and application from build to production.
  • You will manage and operate a growing Cloud and on-premise infrastructure.
  • You’ll write Infrastructure as Code, implement CI/CD & deployment processes, automate redundant tasks, maintain existing frameworks and ensure efficient feedback loops across teams

Requirements and Qualifications

  • You have experience with Nix tooling. You can write Nix expressions & derivations, and you can leverage Nix in a Cloud environment.
  • You like to learn new technologies and use modern Cloud and DevOps tooling.
  • You are comfortable working in English, both written and spoken.
  • You have a grasp of IT security issues. You are curious or experienced about
  • IT security processes, solutions and standards in a Cloud-based infrastructure.

Technologies & Languages

We are looking for someone who knows or have some experience with:

  • Nix
  • Basic Linux administration
  • Docker, Podman or other container engine

You are interested or are eager to learn/work with:

  • Kubernetes and its ecosystem
  • GitLab CI or other CI engine
  • AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFormation, IAM, EKS…)
  • Haskell / Typescript / NodeJS
  • Ansible, Pulumi or other Infra as Code tool
  • GraphQL / REST
  • Monitoring & Logging tools
  • SQL (Postgres)

Location :

Lyon, France (Nova Headquarters) – partial remote possible

Team :

BU Scientific Software Engineering & Marketing