Jinkō From discovery to market access

Jinkō offers an integrated suite of applications from discovery to market access to handle complex multi-scale models in a fully whitebox environment. Each model component is seamlessly traceable from the model documentation back to each primary source of information to ensure full auditability.

Jinkō’s modular design allows for a number of distinct use-case-oriented workflows, spanning from in-house model design, all the way to client-side interaction with the simulator.

Jinkō Jinkō’s workflows are designed to closely resemble that of real life clinical studies.

Scenarios represent variations in disease, treatment options, and other study-related factors, that, combined with the virtual patient’s own characteristics, make up the input to a model simulation.

Each branch of a scenario corresponds to what would be an arm of a real-life clinical trial (including a potential control arm, where no modification is applied).

The SBML format is a machine-readable format to represent Computational Models in Systems Biology

  • Designed and maintained by the community
  • Widely adopted in both academia and industry

It is the de facto industry standard for exchanging such models across platforms and tools, with a large corpus of existing models, as well as many tools designed to create, edit, or run them. The use of SBML as internal storage and communication format for Computational Models gives Jinkō the ability to pick from large repositories of existing models in order to complement its own library of custom, higher-precision, models.

The Jinkō platform design adopts the Security by Design patterns and practices to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the resources under its care.


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