What we do

We de-risk research & development decisions by predicting the clinical benefits of new drugs before human trials
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Discovery collaborations

Streamline target identification & secure proof of concept

NOVA helps its partners identify and/or validate new therapeutic targets and biomarkers, as well as support program progression decisions from M1 to late preclinical development.

At each step of the discovery process, we help our clients focus time and resources on the best scenarios:

  • Right target or combination of targets
  • Right MoA
  • Right animal model
  • Right indication

Use case in acute ischemic stroke

The objective was to provide an ex-post explanation for the collective failure of neuroprotective agents (c.300 drug candidates) in humans after promising results on rodent models.

A stroke model representing the long-term dynamics of membrane potentials, cell volumes and ionic concentrations in intracellular and extracellular spaces during a stroke was developed to study the influence of each ionic current on cell swelling. Differences in the proportion of astrocytes between gray and white matter in the rodent and human brain explain why neuroprotective drugs demonstrated efficacy in mouse models but failed on humans.

By failing these candidates fast, M&S would have saved an est. €3.2 billion to the industry (300 candidates * €10.6 million for a clinical PoC).


What we do