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Dr. Nicholas MARKO, MD

Neurosurgeon and Director, UC Brain Tumor Center | President, SigmaHorizon Data Strategy Consulting

Nicholas Marko

Dr. Nicholas Marko is a clinical neurosurgeon subspecializing in neurosurgical oncology, a data scientist with expertise in predictive analytics and high-performance computing, and a healthcare executive focusing on enterprise data strategy, data management, data integration, data governance, and data-driven innovation.

He is currently the Director of the University of Cincinnati Brain Tumor Center. Previously he served as the first Chief Data Officer at Geisinger Health System, where he founded and led the Department of Data Science, supervised the effort to develop and manage a comprehensive enterprise data strategy, directed the design and implementation of the organization’s first enterprise big data platform, and built a comprehensive strategy for modern data governance. Nicholas Marko speaks nationally and internationally on these topics, and advise venture capital, startups, established businesses, and large enterprises on issues relating to healthcare data, data strategy and complex analytics.

Named a “young investigator on the rise” by Genome Technology Magazine, a “healthcare hero” by Crain’s Cleveland Business, and one of “healthcare’s top data-driven geeks” by Healthcare IT News, Nick’s data and informatics thought leadership has been featured in the Washington Post, Modern Healthcare, and other leading publications. He has also regularly published and been a featured speaker on clinical and translational neurosurgery topics, as well as topics such as the role of the chief data officer, enterprise data strategy and valuation, data modeling, integration of multi-modality data sets, and practical issues related to healthcare econometrics.

Nick doesn’t just advocate for change; he leads it. His relentless sense of urgency and exceptional stamina combine with a keen awareness of the need to engage all levels of an organization in its data utilization processes to create a culture of “yes” around enterprise data. He leverages an uncommon combination of unbridled curiosity, creative problem solving, and serious business acumen, and, as a result, his clinical research and entrepreneurial activities have always concentrated on solving real-world problems with data-driven solutions that can be implemented with immediate business and clinical impact.