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Jean-Pierre BOISSEL, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor in Clinical Pharmacology

Co-founder & Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Pr. Jean-Pierre BOISSEL

A cardiologist by training, he was until recently an Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1, and has been a Scientific Director at the French Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm), advisor to the General Surgeon and is still a member of a number of scientific societies in Europe and the United States.

His academic research activities focused on cellular biology, clinical trials, clinical pharmacology and clinical research methodology.

Jean-Pierre has been a member of various regulatory affairs committees:

  • AMM Committee from 1976 to 1987 (formerly Commission de Revision des Dictionnaires de Spécialités)
  • Commission de Transparence from 1990 to 1994
  • Group Impact on Public Health (HAS) from 2004 to 2011
  • Commission d’Evalutation Economique et de Santé Publique (HAS) from 2006 to 2011

He has been involved in 7 product developments on the Sponsor side (phase 3 trials, label extension meta-analysis).

Jean-Pierre is one of the founding fathers of systems medicine, together with Leroy HOOD and Denis NOBLE. He has published more 300 peer-reviewed papers and contributed to major advances in medicine, such as the discovery of the Effect Model law. He took a leading role in laying the conceptual and methodological foundations for clinical trials and meta-analysis.

He has founded the first French Cochrane center (a global independent network of researchers, healthcare practitioners and patients from more than 130 countries who work together to improve healthcare decision-making) and EUDIPHARM, a European Education Center of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Medicine, consisting in a network of 20 Universities or Institutes representing 11 European member states.

In 1988, Jean Pierre BOISSEL has co-founded one of the first CROs globally to set up a computer-based on-site system to collect and control clinical trials data.

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