Who we are

We are an interdisciplinary team leading a transformative approach to drug R&D based on the modeling of complex biological systems

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Chief Scientific Officer

David duVerle received his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from the University of Kyoto in 2012, after an M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence at Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris.

Before joining NOVA, he was an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Frontier Sciences with a joint position at the AI Research Center (AIRC), working on applications of Machine Learning and algorithmic techniques to novel high-dimensional problems in genomics and other emerging pluridisciplinary fields. His past projects have covered many aspects of systems biology and high-throughput omics data analysis, as well as personalised medicine and genomic privacy. His last research before joining NOVA included the modelling and analysis of Single Cell sequencing data, with a view toward better understanding early oncogenesis and tumour progression.

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