We build mathematical models of disease and treatment based on knowledge extracted from literature and real-world patient data.

  • Clinical development

    Optimize trial design and capture best responders

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  • Discovery

    Streamline target identification & secure early proof of concept

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  • Market access

    Demonstrate value to payers

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Jinkō is nova’s unified in silico clinical trial simulation platform.


With Artificial Intelligence and virtual populations at the heart of nova’s innovative approach, the platform takes its name from the fortunate homonymic collision of the Japanese words for ‘artificial’ (人工, jinkō) and ‘population’ (人口, jinkō).

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Our people are our greatest asset.

We pride ourselves on attracting the most talented individuals in our industry. Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in biology, medicine, clinical pharmacology, applied mathematics, data science, artificial intelligence and software development.


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