in silico medicine
that works

We are a de-risking technology provider specialized in in silico clinical trials supporting biotech and pharma companies, academic research centers and not-for-profit organizations.

We help our clients unlock the potential of modeling & simulation to improve the R&D of new therapies for the benefit of patients.

Who we are


Worldwide experts from academia and industry endorsing Novadiscovery’s approach.

What we do

Discovery collaborations

For streamlined target identification & secured proof of concept.

What we do

Clinical insights & strategy

A digital sandbox to optimize trial design and capture best responders.

How we do it

The WISE engine

To ensure full traceability from a simulation output back to each primary source and avoid the black box syndrome.

How we do it

The effect model

The result of decades of experience in clinical trials methodology, the Effect Model law has solved the main problem plaguing the development of in silico clinical trials: the paradigm of efficacy.


Join Nova

We’re constantly on the hunt for the most talented individuals in our industry. If you have a knack for the development of mathematical and computational models of biological systems or if you are a genius developer with a keen interest in working on a state-of-the-art platform, fill the application form.