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Novadiscovery welcomes two new members to its team to strengthen its combined expertise in artificial intelligence and clinical medicine


  • David duVerle, PhD, previously academic researcher in computational biology and bioinformatics in Tokyo, Japan, notably at the University of Tokyo, becomes Chief Scientific Officer of the company
  • Professor Marc Hommel, neurologist at CHU Grenoble and professor at the faculty of medicine Grenoble Alps, is appointed as Vice President of Medicine of NOVADISCOVERY

Lyon, France, November 22, 2018, 13 :45 CET – NOVADISCOVERY, a pioneer in in silico clinical trials, today announced the strengthening of its team with the nomination of its new Chief Scientific Officer, David duVerle, and the appointment of Prof. Marc Hommel as VP of Medicine.

These two arrivals are critical and in line with NOVA’s strategy of conjugating mechanistic (top-down) and data-heavy (bottom-up) approaches to perfect the use of AI and machine learning in drug research and development.

François-Henri Boissel, CEO of NOVA, comments: “We are delighted to welcome David duVerle and Marc Hommel into NOVA’s team as they represent the two worlds that we dynamically combine to serve the goals of both regulators and industry partners when developing in silico clinical trials. A key success factor is to seamlessly combine a wide array of expertise: clinical pharmacology, clinical trial methodology, artificial intelligence, computer sciences and applied mathematics.”

“David duVerle is an expert in AI and perfectly matches NOVA’s current need for increased machine learning integration in its technology. Our platform has to be able to blend more data-heavy approaches with knowledge-heavy/mechanistic models. Regarding Pr. Marc Hommel, he is one of the early adopters of the Effect Model and a long-time proponent of the in silico approach, as well as a remarkable clinician” Adds Jean-Pierre Boissel, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor in Clinical Pharmacology, Co-founder & Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of NOVA.

“The mechanistic approach developed by NOVA has demonstrated its value on tangible use cases with pharmas and biotechs, and it meshes nicely with the machine learning expertise I will bring. I am very excited to be part of NOVA as I am convinced that a middle-out approach combining top-down and bottom-up is the way forward, and I’ll be happy to contribute to the development of the company with my experience in computational biology and bioinformatics and my background in AI and machine learning.” Adds David duVerle, new CSO of the company.

“I have worked with Jean-Pierre Boissel for a long time, since I was conducting clinical studies in stroke in the 90’s. He is a real pioneer in biomodeling and we learned a lot together at the time. I am very enthusiastic about NOVA’s potential and I’m delighted to bring my clinical expertise to the company he has cofounded.” Concludes Professor Marc Hommel, new VP of Medicine of the company.