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NOVADISCOVERY to represent the SysCLAD consortium

at the 20th-anniversary edition of the prestigious International Congress on Lung Transplantation, in Paris.

2014/04/14 | NOVADISCOVERY is proud to announce, on behalf of the SysCLAD Consortium, its participation to the session on “Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction (CLAD)”, a serious condition that currently impedes lung transplantation to have a bigger impact in the treatment of end-stage lung diseases. This prestigious scientific meeting constitutes the perfect opportunity to showcase NOVADISCOVERY’s unique technology and ability to unlock new avenues for the discovery of biomarkers in the context of a multi-factorial and highly heterogenous chronic disease.

The SysCLAD Consortium is a FP7-funded initiative that seeks to explore, through a multidisciplinary approach, novel strategies towards the early diagnosis and treatment of CLAD.